Quality Enhancement Plan

About Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Texas State University is seeking reaffirmation of accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). This process is already underway and will be finalized in 2020. While part of the process includes a report on how Texas State currently complies with SACSCOC compliance standards, a QEP will propose the enhancement of educational quality at Texas State beyond 2020. This vision plan will focus on supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of our university.

The Theme - Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate research is a process framed within the four broad stages of problem resolution: (a) Identification of the problem/need, (b) information gathering (e.g., data collection, systematic methods as appropriate to the discipline), (c) analysis and (d) proposed solution. Undergraduate research may occur in the context of (a) faculty-driven projects and/or (b) student-driven projects.

This definition is crafted with an inclusive spirit, to encompass different types of research and creative expression. The core value of undergraduate research participation is to develop research practices and awareness in students. Therefore, students’ undergraduate research participation may begin at a variety of levels including information gathering, review, and categorization of data, and/or through active engagement in the dissemination of research products.

Undergraduate Research Continued

See more about the theme, learning goals, selection criteria as well as other potential Quality Enhancement Plans that could have been.
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The Timeline

You may view a timeline for the development of the Quality Enhancement Plan or attend a meeting for more recent updates on QEP.
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Meet the Teams

Broad-based participation was essential in developing the Quality Enhancement Plan. Teams were formed to conduct the work of preparing the QEP.


Co-Chairs are in charge of organizing the Quality Enhancement Plan.


Co-Chairs are in charge of organizing the Quality Enhancement Plan.

Marketing Activities

To spread awareness of the Quality Enhancement Plan, marketing efforts are being made to promote the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Input

Faculty, staff, and students interested in the development of the QEP are invited to attend one of the QEP meetings or to provide comments, suggest ideas, or request information visit the Contact Us page.